Coaching men is a community based education and development group established to ensure that  any person interested in developing their skills as a Men’s Coach can get sound and practical advice on how to improve their skills.

Our aim is to educate and further the abilities of coaches and coachees alike with the big picture goal of decreasing the unnecessary pain and frustration in the world and the destructive side-effects that this brings.

Who are we and why should you trust us?

I’ll answer these one at a time.

Who are we?

Coaching Men has been estbalished to get you the answers, support, guidance, and community you need to become the best Men’s Coach possible.

Why should you trust us?

Here’s something that might shock you, but you shouldn’t trust us. You shouldn’t take anything we say as gospel. You should read it and stop and think about it for a minute. Give it a while to digest.

As you’re digesting it, ask yourself:

“If I applied this information to the challenges I’m facing in my coaching practice or in my life, would this make a difference?”

This question is vital.

A lot of coaches start asking “Is this true or false?” and end up not making any progress because all they’re doing is comparing information they currently have with information they’ve just gained.

They reach a conclusive ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ and just continue reading. They never stop to consider whether or not they can use this information to deal with challenges.

If you decide that this information can’t help you in the situations you’re facing but think it might, then ask questions about your situation and see if you’re missing a vital piece of information. If you are, then reassess the information. If you’re not, move on and find something else.

You should not trust us and you should not trust anything anyone says without running it though your framework of reality and seeing if you can use it to deal with the challenges you’re currently working through.