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Overview: Knowing the theory and having confidence in your ability to implement it and make a difference to someone’s life are two totally separate things. Coaching Confidence will give you the experience and self-belief that you can effectively and efficiently implement the theory
You’ll be doing: Reading articles, doing written exercises, developing your concentration and awareness abilities, coaching other coaches, being coached by other coaches, coaching a client, participating in weekly calls to deepen and expand your understanding
Duration: 13 weeks
Cost: $2,990
Start date: TBA
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Once you know the theory of how to diagnose the real issues that Men are facing and the solution to those issues, you have the concepts you need to be able to start coaching.

But, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to be 100% comfortable and confident and know how to deal with the different challenges you may face within a coaching call.

To help you develop that confidence in your own ability and to give you the tools to deal with the different challenges you’ll face within a coaching call, we’ve developed the Coaching Confidence program.

It’s a 13 week program designed to take you from knowing the theory of how to coach a client but not knowing exactly how to make a coaching session work to being able to help your client get breakthroughs, every time you talk.

To make sure you’re getting not only the theoretical content necessary to deal with the problem and challenges your clients present, each week will be broken up into two section: content and practical.

Here are the content and practical sections you’ll be working through throughout the course of the program:


Module 1. Coaching Progression Overview

Content: As this program is dedicated to working directly with various clients in various stages of their journey, the first module of this program is dedicated giving you an understanding of the journey the client will go through: on the call, throughout each challenge they face, and the lifetime of your coaching relationships with them.

Practical pt.1: The first practical task of this program is to make content with your first coaching client of the program. You’ll discuss time zones and work out the most mutually beneficial time for you to work together for the next 13 weeks. This time will need to be coordinated with the instructor assigned to work with you because for the first 4 modules of this program, your instructor will be sitting in with you on your coaching calls to provide guidance, feedback, and support.

Practical Part 2: As you already know through your work through Coaching Foundations, you cannot take someone further than you’ve been able to go yourself. To make sure you’re growing as a person and expanding your coaching range, you’ll be coached by another coach in the program throughout the duration of the program as well as coaching a different coach through his challenges.

This coaching relationship will start in this module and continue with the same coach throughout the 13 modules of the program.


Module 2. Your Coaching Habits

Content: Becoming a successful coach doesn’t involve learning how to work with a client through a call. Your coaching ability in a call is supported by the structures you implement outside of your coaching calls.

This module will discuss some empowering structures to help you continually improve your coaching ability.

Practical: This module will include your first coaching call of the program with your client and your supporting instructor. You’ll work with your client to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges they’re working through, the support you can offer them, and take steps towards developing a real and lasting solution with the client.

You will also continue to coach and be coached by, your fellow coaches.


Module 3. Masculine vs. Feminine vs. Autistic

Content: Despite what first wave feminism has been trying to convince you of, there is a significant difference in brain structure between Masculine and Feminine people. On top of this, people who are further towards the autistic end of the Autism spectrum also have a significantly different brain structure that you’ll need to be aware of when working with them.

Because of this, this module will help you understand these fundamental differences and what they mean for you as a coach.

Practical: The practical component of this module is to continue to work with your client and instructor to help them find empowered and long lasting solutions to their challenges as coaching and being coached by your fellow coaches.


Module 4. Personal Beliefs

Content: As you’re working with your client, you may occasionally encounter a client who’s strong beliefs about himself (eg. I can’t approach women) are impeding his progress. You’ll spend this module learning how to help him overcome those limiting beliefs about himself and move forward with his life.

Practical: You’ll continue working with the same client (with assistance from your instructor), coaching the same coach, and being coached by the same coach.


Module 5. Beliefs about the world

Content: As well as encountering clients with rigid beliefs about himself that are impeding his progress, you may also encounter clients with strong beliefs about the world around him (eg. Women aren’t attracted to short guys) that are getting in his way. This module is dedicated to giving you the tools to help him overcome these barriers.

Practical: As with the last module, you’ll continue working with the same client (with assistance from your instructor), coaching the same coach, and being coached by the same coach.

This is the final module you’ll be completing this practical exercise however. To continue your progression towards confidence in your coaching abilities, we’ll be changing things up in the next module.


Module 6. Dealing with Difficult Clients

Content: It’s inevitable that at some point in time throughout your coaching journey, you will encounter a difficult client – a client who just wants to argue, debate, and eventually prove how right and justified they are. This module is dedicated to giving you the tools to not only deal with difficult clients, but more importantly, use those challenging and difficult situations as powerful tools for growth for both you and you client.

Practical: This module’s practical work is very similar to the previous 4 modules. You’ll be coaching the same coach through his challenges, you’ll be coached by the same coach, and you’ll continue to work with the same client.

However, there are two significant changes.

The first change is that you’ll no longer have an instructor by your side to support you through challenging situations. The instructor will be replaced by a fellow Coaching Confidence coach who’ll be there to assist you with their wisdom should you get stuck.

This has been done to give you less support and give you more confidence dealing with the challenges you face as well as giving you the opportunity to see how other coaches handle the same challenges you face in working with clients.

The second change is that you’ll also be taking on another client and starting from scratch with them.

The reason you’re starting with a new client now rather than with at the start of the program is that over the 4 weeks you’ve been working with your other client, you will have learnt a HUGE amount about the challenges you face in coaching a new client. By staggering the starting time of your new clients (Oh yes, there’s more to come), you’ll be able to apply those lessons.

Just to be clear, these next 4 weeks will be very busy for you. You’ll be coaching another coach, you’ll be coached by another coach, you’ll be coaching two of your own clients, and you’ll be sitting in on 2 other calls by coaches. This is 6 hours worth of coaching in a week for the next four weeks! This has been done specifically to give you a taste of what it can be like to work with a lot of clients as once and have to fit them around your other duties.


Module 7. Meeting, Attracting, and Seducing Women

Content: As you build your coaching practice, you’ll start to meet clients who have specific challenges in specific areas of their lives. Over the next 6 modules, you’ll learn about these different areas, how the concepts and ideas you’ve learnt through Coaching Foundations apply to them, and how to help your client through them.

The first area you’re going to learn about is meeting, attracting, and seducing women.

This module will show you how elements such as ownership, Script selection, Script identification, and implementation plan relate to attracting the opposite sex.

Practical: Your practical work will be the same hectic schedule as the previous module: coaching a coach, being coached by a coach, working with 2 clients, and sitting in on 2 other coaching calls.


Module 8. Relationships

Content: Starting a relationship by meeting, attracting, and seducing a woman has a specific set of challenges to overcome but building an empowering, exciting, and passionate relationships has a whole different set. This module will address those specific challenges and how the concepts you’ve learnt can help you help your client to overcome them.

Practical: Once again, your practical work will be the same hectic schedule as the previous module: coaching a coach, being coached by a coach, working with 2 clients, and sitting in on 2 other coaching calls.


Modul 9. The Entrepreneurial Adventure

Content: One of the common themes you’ll encounter in your coaching journey is guys who want to break away from the corporate world and venture out into the world of being an entrepreneur. This module will identify some of the more common challenges your clients will face and give you an understanding of how to overcome them.

Practical: For the final time, your practical work will be the same hectic schedule as the previous module: coaching a coach, being coached by a coach, working with 2 clients, and sitting in on 2 other coaching calls.

To make sure you continue to progress towards becoming the best coach possible, things will change up in the next module.


Module 10. The Corporate Life

Content: Not everyone wants to, or has the luxury to become an entrepreneur. Your client might have a mortgage and need the safety of a regular pay check, your client might not want the added stress of being in charge, or it simply might not appeal to them. Whatever the reason, there are some people who just prefer to be an employee rather than an employer.

To help you help them navigate the challenges and issues they’ll encounter in the workplace, this module will discuss common problems and give you tools to help your client overcome them.

Practical: It’s time for your practical component to change again – and this time it’s getting a little simpler.

You will still be coaching the same coach and being coached by the same coach, and you’ll still be working with the same two clients you started the program with, but there will be two differences.

The first difference is that once again, you’ll be taking on a new client. Their starting date has been staggered for the same reason as the last new client you took on – to give you an opportunity to implement the new tools and skills you’ve learnt over the last 8 weeks.

The second difference is that you’ll no longer have support or be required to support another coach in their coaching calls. You’ll be 100% on your own. You will have followup calls with an instructor once per week to answer any questions you have about your coaching calls but you won’t have anyone sitting in on the calls with you.

After all, when you complete the program and start coaching your own clients, you won’t have anyone to hold your hand then either.


Module 11 and 12. Variable

Content: Each coaching group will have different requirements and different challenges. Module 11 and 12 have been deliberately left free from content to make sure there is space to answer your questions and challenges.

Practical: Your practical exercise is the same as the previous module: coach your coach, be coached by a coach, and work with your three clients.


Module 13. It’s a Wrap

Content: The final module is simply a summary of all the elements, concepts, and ideas you’ve worked through over the course of your program. We’ll recover everything you’ve learnt to make sure it’s 100% clear and you feel confident and strong moving forward into the world of Men’s Coaching.

Practical: You’ll be able to spend this week wrapping things up with your clients and making sure they feel comfortable moving forward. If they want to continue to work with you, you’re free to negotiate any arrangement with them you desire.


That’s all!

That’s the Coaching Confidence program. By the time you finish it, you will have the knowledge and experience necessary to have success with a wide range of clients  dealing with a wide range of challenges.






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