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Knowing how to coach a client and being able to setup and run a coaching company are two totally different things.

They have completely different pieces of information you have to keep in your head and completely different skill sets.

To make sure you can not only coach guys but also set yourself up with a thriving coaching business, we’ve developed this program.

You’ll spend 13 weeks learning all the fundamentals necessary to build your own coaching business from the ground up in a way that moves you closer to the life you want.

This is the progression you’ll work through:


Week 1: Your coaching vision

You’ll never fulfil your coaching goals if you don’t know what they are. Because of this, your first week will be spent developing your vision of where you want to take your coaching practice.


Week 2: Building a practice that supports your vision

Now you know where you’re going, how do you get there? What kind of practice do you need to create? What kind of market do you need to target? How do you need to serve them?

You’ll spend this week developing a plan for the practice you need to create to be able to turn your coaching vision into reality.


Week 3: Your target market

Where are they hanging out? What is their pain? Why are they frustrated when they wake up in the morning? Why do they feel alone and empty when they go to bed at night? And how can you help them get from where they are now to where they want to be?

You’ll spend this week working through some exercises to help you get inside the head of your target market so you can serve them effectively.


Week 4: Developing your website

In this digital age, a website is an incredibly effective tool for reaching your target audience and sharing your message. But building a website isn’t just a matter of uploading WordPress, slapping out a header, and banging out a few articles. A powerful website requires thought, planning, and precision.

You’ll spend this week developing your plan for the kind of website that will take you closer to your coaching vision and putting it into practice.


Week 5: Starting a conversation

Now that you know your target market and you’ve started to put together a website that will allow you to engage with them, it’s time to get out and meet them.

You’ll spend this week on forums where they’re hanging out engaging in conversations with your target market to understand what they’re looking for and to share your knowledge.


Week 6: Article Writing 101

Putting your thoughts into a format that not only effectively communicates your message but also demonstrates how much value you have to offer your reader is a skill.

You’ll spend this week learning the art of article writing and putting it into practice by writing the first two articles for your website.


Week 7: Social media express

One of the fastest and simplest ways to get engaged and interested visitors to your site is through social media. You’ll spend this week delving into the world of social media and using it to drive targeted traffic to our site.


Week 8: Face to face

Forums and social media is great for driving traffic to your site but it’s difficult to make the kind of impression you need to make as a coach to gain loyal and engaged followers. The simplest way to do that is face to face.

This week you’ll be learning how to turn face to face meetings into a full client list and then going out to put that theory into practice.


Week 9: The art of selling

Learning how to sell yourself and your talents is a skill. And like any skill, you can get better by understanding the fundamentals and putting them into practice.

You’ll spend this week learning the foundations of selling and then putting them into practice on your website, in your articles, and in your face to face meetings.


Week 10: Product creation

To be a full time coach, you need to make money and to make money, you need things to sell. Selling your time as a coach is one way to do it but it’s limited by the amount of hours in a day and the amount that people are willing to pay you per hour. There is a better way – making your own products.

You’ll spend this week learning the foundations of product creation and developing a blueprint for your first product.


Week 11: Search Engine Optimisation

With the millions of people searching the internet every day for answers to their problems, it pays to rank highly in the search engine results.

You’ll spend this week learning a few basic fundamentals of what you can do to make sure you’re as close to the #1 spot in the search engines as possible.


Week 12: Email marketing

Getting people to your website is only one part of the challenge. Getting them to come back, again and again, and eventually buy our products and services is the next step.

You’ll spend this week learning how to convert more of your visitors into customers through email marketing.


Week 13: Conversion Rate Optimisation

What’s the point in driving thousands of visitors a month to your website and crafting a beautiful and powerful email marketing campaign if no-one signs up for it? Conversion Rate Optimisation is the process of altering your website and email campaign to maximise the amount of people who convert from visitors to customers.

You’ll spend this week learning Conversion Rate Optimisation foundations so you can start optimising your website.

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