Whilst it is possible to start your coaching journey by lending a patient ear to a friend and sharing some home truths about life and the universe, it can be hit and miss.

Coaching is an intricate and complex journey and can require months of specialised training.

The Coaching Men curriculum will assist you in reaching your coaching potential so you can make as big an impact as possible on your friends, family, city, and even the world.

The cirriculum contains three programs:

Program 1: CoachingĀ Foundations

Program 2: Coaching Confidence

Program 3: Coaching Success

These programs are designed as a progression, with each program leading into the next, but qualified and experienced coaches can be granted exemptions.




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  1. eduardo says:

    I feel I’m ready to be coaching men. I wrote a year and a half ago but felt that it was very difficult, but now I feel that exceeded hundreds of my own challenges in many areas and I’m ready to make my dream of becoming a coaching men.

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